Berthold Helmshand

An ambitious half-giant with the dream to become a true titan.


A large, almost 9 foot tall man with big hands and leather armor. A massive warhammer is slung over his back. He face is stern, and he has coarse dark brown hair that falls over his eyes. Though he appears like a mindless brute, he is actually quite intelligent and even knows some ways of magic. He keeps track of wherever he goes and makes a map of the regions that he hears of. He is incredibly disciplined, prepared to do anything in order to complete his goal.


Berthold lived in the small half-giant village of Andar in the Shi’Garath Royal Federation, at the border of Fjellborg. When the human city of Peskar started to grow in size and power, Andar was annexed and became a part of the great city. The half-giant community was shunned by the humans, and when the humans finally banned all half-giants from the city Berthold, still a baby, was placed in a chest and sent down the river, where he was found by some farmers in a far away town called Dyntor. Here he was raised by a married couple, but he knew he was not their true son. He befriended Guy, and was taught the ways of the duskblade from him. But when he was involved in an accident in which his adoptive mother died, the town decreed that he should be banished from Dyntor, and may never return. Berthold decided that now was his time to become a true duskblade, travel the world, and kill all large civilizations like the one that destroyed his hometown.

Berthold Helmshand

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